A top Energy Department official told a Senate panel Tuesday that a shipment of “radiation hardened robotics” will be sent to Japan to assist in the crisis. A department spokeswoman said a robotic device from the Energy Department’s Idaho National Laboratory is being shipped along with several radiation-hardened cameras.

What in the world? Japan has always been known for their advanced robots and technology, but who would have guessed that a lab out of Idaho would be sending radiation hardened robots to Japan to help assist in the nuclear crisis there? 

It seems things are going well in the latest action by the Japanese to contain the Fukushima nuclear reactor. In a press conference, Japanese officials stated that at 9am (Japan time) helicopters began dumping large amounts of water on the Fukushima Daichi Number 1 plant. 

It was first put off do to high radiation levels, but was later decided the operation would have to be put through do to the seriousness of the situation. In addition to the helicopters, 11 specially-equipped vehicles, operated by the Tokyo Police, will use water canons to help cool down the reactor. 

Basically, prayer for these brave individuals is needed, as they’re in harsh conditions radiationwise. 

As for the contradictions between American officials and Japanese officials on the seriousness of the situation, it is explained that US officials had out dated info, a lag in information. 

Also, a question about the American 80km evacuation zone was raised, and the Japanese basically responded saying that they’re monitoring the area outside the Japanese evacuation zone and will make adjustments if needed. 

Added Note: I should note the situation is still very fluid: link