More NHK over shortwave radio. I need to get a better antenna. Coat hangers aren’t cutting it anymore.

I did some homework and found out what times and frequencies I can tune in to. 

  • 8AM-8:30 - NHK English broadcast - 6.12 MHz
  • 9AM-11AM - NHK Japanese broadcast - 11.66 MHz
  • 11PM-1AM - NHK Japanese broadcast - 5.96 MHz

Here’s some more frequencies and times so you can try and tune in if you have a shortwave receiver. 

I’m geeking out. I’ve been playing with my father’s old short wave radio receiver tonight. While scanning through I picked up what I believe is NHK radio. JAPANESE, MAN. Since I’m learning the language, I’m really excited. 

In the recording, you can hear me yell “YES” after the song stops playing and a man starts speaking. I wasn’t sure it was Japanese until the man spoke. The station is fading in and out, I don’t know why. Must have something to do with the atmosphere.

I’m a noob when it comes to short wave and Japanese, so yeah.