Oh snap!

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted on an amendment to a military appropriations bill banning the use of any government funding for the U.S. war in Libya.

Lawmakers adopted the Sherman Amendment by a vote of 248 to 163 late on Monday.

Politicians must still approve the appropriations bill as a whole and the measure must still be approved by the Senate.

Some members of each party have expressed measured support for the United State’s actions, but complained that they had been inadequately consulted, and some members, again Republican and Democrat alike, have questioned President Obama’s authority to take such actions without Congressional consent. Some left-leaning members oppose the nation’s involvement, period. Because Congress is in recess, most of these statements have come from members spread out across the country.

President Obama has repeatedly said this isn’t a “war” but just military strikes. Ya’know, I’m not lying when I don’t tell the truth, and I’m not stealing things even though I took that box of poptart box without paying. 

The UN Security Council has authorized a NFZ, stricter sanctions, a freeze of Libyan government assets, and a ban on flights in and out of Libya. Effectively military force, a war against Gadhafi’s government in Libya. 

French officials have indicated that military strikes could begin within hours of the resolution’s passage.

Ten of the members of the Security Council voted for the implamention of a no-fly zone in Libya, no members opposed, with nations like Russia, China, and Brazil abstaining from the vote. 

UN officials have stressed that no occupation will take place, Lebanon’s UN ambassador has said: 

"Our resolution is aimed to protect Libyan civilians, it will not result in the occupation of even an inch of Libyan territory."

Hopefully he’s right. 

All ready the Pentagon is gearing up for the war, preparing cruise missiles and possible use of manned and unmanned aerial vehicles against Gadhafi’s tanks, personnel carriers, and infantry positions. NATO and US bases in the Mediterranean could be used in the conflict. 

The Libyan military has responded to the resolution saying that any air strikes on the country will result in counter attacks on maritime and air traffic in the Mediterranean Sea. 

All ready, the Wall Street Journal is reporting cake walk predictions for the upcoming conflict, saying air strikes will strike fear in Gadhafi’s men resulting in his’ military’s collapse. 

As the United States marches on into another war, leading Republicans in Congress are saying that a declaration of war or a military authorization bill should be debated on before the US participates in the UN NFZ. President Obama has said the US doesn’t want war, but must stop the slaughter of the civilians. The US has been taking a less leading role in the push for the no-fly.

Libyan rebels in Benghazi have received the news with celebration and fireworks. They have been asking for the no-fly zone since Gaddafi began air strikes against them. 

My opinion on the matter is against US participation the no-fly zone. It goes against my feeling on noninterventionism. The US has all ready done of enough damage in Iraq and Afghanistan, we don’t need to distort another conflict. A no-fly zone is war, and President Obama, at the very least must, seek a declaration of war from the Congress as the Constitution demands.  I suspect the President will circumvent the Congress, citing UN resolution like the past interventions of the ‘90s.  

This is more then a no-fly zone. It’s military strikes against ground units. The NFZ was originally being peddled as just strikes against anti-air weapons and Libyan air units. This is war, minus boots on the ground. 

The biggest point to be made against US action though is that we are broke. We are all ready 2 trillion dollars in the hole with Iraq and Afghanistan, and our debt isn’t getting any smaller. We can’t afford it, and that alone should be a enough reason against US involvement. 

The next few days will be historic and bloody. I pray for everyone involved.